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B restaurant leekai shoe glass was smashed angry workers. Li Kai shoe factory Houjie town of second workers in the workshop at 12 noon to go to work on time, when they came to the factory canteen hungry, but found the food utensils absolutely empty dozen rice aunt said, "the dish is finished, please come earlier next time". When workers are ready to leave, but see the canteen needs to add money to buy food "plus vegetables window" sales hot. The hungry staff will conflict with the canteen, canteen facilities will be smashed into pieces. (Editor: admin)A few days ago, Nike Basketball officially announced the new HTM x NikeLab Kobe 10 Elite Low, while the number of this kind of sale absolutely can not meet the demand at the same time many shoes, the price is too high to believe. Today the shoes custom guest Dank on the network also announced the latest custom shoes, this is the Kobe 10 Elite Low as the design blueprint, and follows the design of the original Kobe 10 Elite Elite Edition, due to the low way to present, the whole lot seemed capable. nike-kobe-10-elite-flyknit-custom.jpg (273.02 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Kobe 10 Elite Low Team customized version of 2015-4-19 09:58 upload nike-kobe-10-elite-flyknit-custom-1.jpg (270.92 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Kobe 10 Elite Low Team customized version of 2015-4-19 09:58 upload nike-kobe-10-elite-flyknit-custom-2.jpg (678.77 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Kobe 10 Elite Low Team customized version of 2015-4-19 09:58 uploadthe fine workmanship, excellent texture of Air Jordan Retro Hi Premier 1 "Varsity Red" will be officially on sale in December 2nd. The shoe uses the red cortex, with the black bottom, and the details are very delicate. item: 332134-631 jordans for sale release date: December 2ndformally signed in May this year, the Jordan brand and Chinese basketball player Guo Ailun cooperation has been much attention. Guo Ailun and Jordan brand fate from a very early start. At the age of 7, the Japanese animation master "slam dunk" swept the world, wearing a Air Jordan1 role attracted the attention of Guo Ailun, "I fell in love with the Jordan brand". On entering the basketball team, Guo Ailun can't afford a pair of Jordan shoes, so often envy can wear brand Jordan player. Michael Jordan enjoys a high reputation in NBA since 1998, he retired from the Chicago bulls still is the world famous star. As a subsidiary of Nike, Jordan brand globalization began in the 1997-1998 season, launched Air Jordan XIII until truly entered the Asian market. "Michael · Jordan" complex, coupled with the unique design, the success of the marketing strategy, as well as the spokesperson in recent years including 2016-17 MVP Westbrook, the two season defensive player Leonard, strong market appeal, Jordan brand in Chinese market on the occasion of twenty years for the outbreak. 2017, Jordan brand ambassador list more than on a Chinese face, 23 year old Guo Ailun became the first woman to have Jordan exclusive LOGO shoes China star. According to ESPN reporter Nick DePaula revealed that Guo Ailun and Jordan signed the contract, more than $3 million a year. previously, local sports brand Lining signed CBA equipment sponsorship contract, all players need to wear uniforms. During the contract period, the first four months of the season, if there is a player with other brands signed a contract, can put the logo on shoes in a certain cost under the premise of payment. However, in the past season, is also the contract period of the l Cheap foamposites for sale ast year, all local athletes can wear Lining branded equipment on other brands is difficult to "based on". With the Lining contract expires, basketball players also have more sponsorship options. In the 90 days spent with Lining negotiation period, Guo Ailun won the freedom of choice in January after sponsorship opportunities. Finally, Jordan won the Guo Ailun brand. 's love of basketball and unremitting investment, is a basic condition for Jordan Guo Ailun. Was born in the northern city of Liaoyang, Guo Ailun childhood love playing basketball, once every day for nearly an hour to sit a bus to go to the gym in liaoyang. Then enter the province, the national team has touched the occupation basketball. In the day in and day out training, and constantly improve the ball Guo Ailun. His three point shooting and golf course reading ability is weak, so in the offseason, Guo Ailun went to the United States for personal training. After 6 weeks of hard training, his trainer Rob McClanaghan admired his training spirit, also said that "he is a tireless strongman". 〉 Spring Festival is approaching, PUMA also brings the new year special edition Clyde shoe design inspiration from chicken feathers with black cortex with runway marking PUMA high-end classic show color, heel and tongue and other details are to commemorate the Golden Chicken logo.THE NORTH FACE? North meets cold 2017-11-09 18:29:45 ice and snow comprehensive protection skiing has always been the most popular winter sports, from a professional competition, to modern people's vacation and leisure activities, regardless of gender and age, can enjoy the "flying" taste in the snow gallop. With the development of skiing, its projects are also increasing, the field continues to expand, th Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale e charm of skiing continues to spread in china. Due to the popularity of skiing, the upcoming winter Olympics in 2020 was held in Beijing. According to the data, the estimated number of skiers will reach forty million in 2022. as the global outdoor sports leading brand The North Face north, since 1980 ski skiing adventure, research and design of a variety of ski wear, in the skiing world has a pivotal position. This winter, The North Face North launched a "cold open wild" series, skiing combined with holiday life, to create a new concept of "ice and snow life". Not only fashionable appearance, but also provide professional protection, multi-purpose design, from the city to the snow field, to open their own ice and snow life. about "cold open wild" series The North Face the North has always been good to provide multi-purpose professional products for skiers, "cold open field" series to keep the scientific and technological content of the snow suits, more fashionable and stylish design, both to meet the city life dress collocation, can also meet the professional needs of snow activities. from the spirit of professional ski suit, to create a strong sense of urban coat use Dryvent 2L shell coat, with strong waterproof grade, strong permeability characteristics of science and technology. The outer layer of the fabric is treated with lasting water repellent, which helps to form water droplets and stops moisture on the surface of the fabric. Due to the laminating technology, the water vapor can be discharged from the inner layer to the outer layer of the multi-layer fabric. The technology has passed the The North Face North quality assurance laboratory repeated tests, in ensuring its durability at the same time, and has the comfort of t cheap jordans he ventilation function, even in the snow field, can easily get the best protection. In addition, the Heatseeker the filling tank, also provide a more comfortable warm experience. in detail, starting from the professional ski suit, with snap type elastic matching with the wind 〉 helmet, fixed professional clothingrefreshing will be on sale at the beginning of April, on May there will be a midnight blue color, Space Jam will be officially unveiled at the June dunk color. item: 136027-130 issued date: April 4th item: 136027-405 issued date: May 2nd issued date: June 6th0.jpg (149.93 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album Upload 09:11 2014-11-22 1.jpg (285.88 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album Upload 09:11 2014-11-22 2.jpg (226.49 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album Upload 09:11 2014-11-22 3.jpg (175.5 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album Upload 09:11 2014-11-22 0.jpg (76.73 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2014-3-8 09:26 upload "that relationship is very good. We are still in the contract, is now the design of Air Penny 6. Nike great, retired five or six years can have their own signature shoes really lucky." Nike Lil 'Penny Posite not yet listed, and now Air Penny 6 message confirmation, visible emphasis on Penny Nike.Packer Shoes x adidas Conductor Hi 2013-12-08 22:44:15 Offer scene on Saturday night, in the New Jersey Packer Shoes fashion shop, organized Packer Shoes x adidas Conductor Hi starter activities. The sale was arranged become a party in the form of site invited to the well-known DJ & nbsp; Neil Armstrong active campaign, spectacular, this offering activities cheap air jordans online and therefore a complete success, the scene is lucky shoe fans pumped a pair of toy packaging Packer Shoes x adidas Conductor Hi. Let us look back at this through the picture on sale now. Running Nike released a new Technology 2013-12-08 23:30:20 Beaverton, Oregon (July 16, 2013) - a leading international brand Nike Running, today located in Beaverton, Oregon thereof Headquarters issued a four innovative technology. The new products are designed to enhance the body's ability runners itself, its design is based on the Nike "NATURE AMPLIFIED (excitation potential)" concept, and this concept by focusing on the collection of scientific data, and by the state of the athletes observe, explore the natural body rhythm. The conference launched the Nike Free Flyknit and Nike Free Hyperfeel two running shoes, as well as the simultaneous debut Aeroloft with Dri-FIT Knit Series Treadmills clothing. ? Nike President and CEO Mark Parker (Mark Parker) attended the event, he stressed: "Innovation is not just to achieve the innovation itself, but for more purposeful design better product Nike Running is the heart and soul, it is running the development of technology, derived from the steady stream of new technology, but also to promote the Nike company to move forward. " Running Innovation and Technology: Nike Free Flyknit running shoes, Nike fusion of two iconic science and technology innovation and technology --Nike Flyknit uppers and soles of Nike Free technology, the Flyknit compression fit feeling combined with the flexibility of Nike Free. Nike Flyknit uppers with partition compression design, giving a second layer of skin-like fit feel. At the same time, this pair of new running shoes meet the physical laws of nature move, and offers comfortable supportiv cheap foamposites for sale e. Nike Free Hyperfeel designed to minimize the runners foot compartment and the ground, bring feelings of natural movement, so running shoes as if an extension of the body. Within soft Lunarlon foam pad embedded in shoes made of, so your feet can feel soft and comfortable directly Lunarlon cushioning. Ultra-thin waffle outsole specifically designed waffle bump, increased grip and sensitivity, so your feet feel the subtle changes to better roads. Running Clothing Technology: To make runners feel warm and cozy in the colder environment, Nike released Nike Aeroloft first technology that has been applied to an ultra-light running vest, sweat vapor emissions at the same time retain heat, while sophisticated ventilation design allows runners to keep dry while running at all times. Dri-FIT Knit is a super soft, lightweight fabric to help runners maintain optimum temperature for movement in different environments. By combining a distinct weave pattern, promoting sweat breathable key areas, and seamless construction ensures a smooth and comfortable clothing, so runners will not be distracted by discomfort. "means to stimulate their potential, new product design to meet the physical laws of nature move with the athlete's body Aioi accordingly." The Nike brand Chairman Trevor? Edwards (Trevor Edwards) said, "We released today running shoes and running clothing, it is based on professional athletes and runners of all levels insight and extensive research the Nike Sports Research Lab. These innovations are based on the nature of the human body, based on research data obtained. " adidas announced a new concept Primeknit FS boots 2014-05-06 22:42:36 Brazil World Cup approaching, the two giants adidas sports world as well as Nike & nbsp; on the football field before the "battle" seems also to the white-hot stage, after the world's first knitting soccer shoes Samba Primeknit come out soon, adidas recently resorted again heavy work, as with Nike just released soon & nbsp; Magista boots compete. This time the brand announced a new concept boots & nbsp; adidas Primeknit FS (Primeknit FootySock), can be seen from the name, this Primeknit FS & nbsp; the combination of the two shoes and socks, the successful implementation of the integration design, in order to create one pair of shoes and socks no different. Although only the concept stage, but we can see from the conceptual diagram, shoe uppers with a staggering height, even on its heel to the ankle to the package. In & nbsp; Primeknit technical support, vamp just like a second skin generally fit the wearer's feet. Adidas said that this & nbsp; Primeknit FS will open a whole new world of soccer shoes, shoes are still in the development stage, can not catch up with this year's World Cup, let us wait and see! Air Jordan 14 Retro & quot; Thunder & quot; HD Photo exposure 2014-05-06 22:47:14 Air July 4 will be available for sale in Jordan 14 Retro & quot; Thunder & quot; This time exposure HD detail drawings, color was first exposed to the Thunder Air Jordan 4 shoes, the Air Jordan 14 shoes also landed a new attempt I believe this color scheme will continue. More available information we will continue to focus, please pay attention like a friend.After the fall, many popular Nike's shoes were covered with SneakerBoot's new clothes, the shoes Nike Roshe Run back signs also came to try. The first stage is known to classic black and white color, after being injected into the SneakerBoot design concept, the body of the shoe with waterproof leather material to build, and Swoosh Logo in the hollow form, very modern, the sole use of materials with high wear resistance, with grey color collocation design with black ink jet, in paying attention to function at the same time similarly, stunning appearance design. a-first-look-at-the-nike-roshe-run-sneakerboot-1.jpg (52.32 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Roshe Run SneakerBoot 2014-10-10 21:47 upload design, functionality, Logo, Nike, waterproof 00According to Vietnamese media reports, in 2015, South Korea will transfer to Vietnam textile machinery manufacturing enterprises, shoes, automotive, electronics and other fields of more than 100 technology. Vietnam media reported in 2015, South Korea will transfer to Vietnam textile machinery manufacturing enterprises, shoes, automotive, electronics and other fields of more than 100 technology. Heavy Industry Department of Ministry of industry and trade of Vietnam has just released on South Korea to Vietnam 167 technology transfer list. This is from the industrial auxiliary activities Ministry of industry and trade of Vietnam and South Korea trade - energy - Industry Bureau to cooperate. according to the list, the technology transfer involving machinery manufacturing (53 technologies), textile and leather shoes (51 techniques), car (35), electrical and electronic (28) and other 4 areas. Among them, it is worth mentioning that many emerging technologies will appear, as in Vietnam: polyester fiber containing antibacterial ingredients (polyesterfiber) production and transportation automation technology, mobile terminal capacity, improve the chip substrate production technology. according to the Ministry of industry and trade of Vietnam, Vietnam and South Korea import and export commodities are complementary. South Korean exports to Vietnam, mechanical equipment, textile, shoe materials, and imported from Vietnam aquatic products, textiles, footwear, wood products, agricultural products and other commodities. at present, South Korea is regarded as one of the key markets in vietnam. From 1992, Vietnam and South Korea established diplomatic relations in October 2009 to establish a "strategic partnership" since the comprehensive development of bilateral ties. The bilateral trade volume increased from $500 million in 1992 to $27 billion 300 million in 2013, increased 53 times. According to the Vietnam administration of customs data show that only in the bilateral trade volume in Vietnam for 8 months of 2014 and South Korea has more than $18 billion. Among them, Vietnam exports to South Korea amounted to $4 billion 400 million, imports amounted to $13 billion 796 million. in addition, the ROK is a free trade agreement (FTA) negotiations, is expected to be completed in 2014. FTA if the negotiation is successful, will help promote the rapid growth of bilateral trade. The two countries strive to make the bilateral trade volume in 2015 exceeded $20 billion mark. Samsung, LG, Hyundai (Hyundai), head of the mountain (Doosan), Pohang iron and steel (Posco) and other famous Korean enterprises are Vietnam into a global production base of their. according to the investment plan and the Vietnamese Ministry data show that South Korea 9 months of 2014 on the investment amounted to $3 billion 350 million, more than Japan to become the largest country for more investment. So far, South Korea has invested $33 billion 400 million for more. (Editor: Asia Footwear)