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in Jordan Brand designed for Kobe to create the white and black Air Jordan 1 ~ XXX set, XXX finally revealed himself be long in coming. Solid color to better highlight the shoe body design is exquisite, the profound universe logo in white and black tongue shoe body still distinctive. related information: Kobe all black Air Jordan series auction for $240 thousand0.jpg (117.81 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-7-13 16:35 upload summer season, many lightweight shoes will reduce the burden of the feet, New Balance is also aware of this, launched a lightweight version of the 1500 shoes. Will be more comfortable lightweight mesh material to replace the leather, only on the tongue and the heel of reserved leather design. The new 1500 black shoe color, with orange and yellow soil followed by dark red tongue, finally collocation in the end. 1.jpg (155.72 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-7-13 16:35 upload 2.jpg (83.13 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-7-13 16:35 upload 3.jpg (305.76 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-7-13 16:35 upload 4.jpg (300.23 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-7-13 16:35 upload 5.jpg (358.09 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-7-13 16:35 upload 0.jpg (61.48 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-7-24 11:06 upload 1.jpg (59.83 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-7-24 11:06 upload 2.jpg (51.25 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-7-24 11:06 upload 3.jpg (129.48 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-7-24 11:06 upload 4.jpg (61.48 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-7-24 11:06 upload 5.jpg (92.58 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-7-24 11:06 upload 6.jpg (92.73 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-7-24 11:06 upload 7.jpg (64.41 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-7-24 11:06 upload 8.jpg (38.08 KB, download number: 0) d cheap air jordans ownload attachments saved to the album 2015eBuy shoes, shoes look for a long time, some experience. The following can be used as reference. 1) the most important, really see the soles, shoe soles workmanship, usually particularly bottom and bottom in the English called outsole midsole. Usually made of rubber outsole hard good, rubber and viabrem is the best in Italy. I saw a few introduced outdoor articles, said what viabrem is a kind of style, so. This is bullshit, in fact just rubber brands only. Good strength, abrasion resistance, good elasticity. In the end, there are several, there is light foaming material, good elasticity, but the strength is not good, and with elastic rubber, heavy, good strength. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Usually use different have different choice. In addition to the sole materials, the texture is very exquisite, according to different purposes, different structure. If the above lines like shoe like, it is mostly false. 2) at the upper material, usually there are several outdoor shoe leather, a whole skin, from the inside to the outside without cutting thin. In fact, we all know, most of the fabric is a piece of leather shoes cut several layers, usually inside the skin is poor, so that light leather useless. Said from the inside to the outside, good waterproof, strong is relatively heavy. Usually used in backpacking, as well as is fur, like shoes that benefit is soft, breathable, waterproof strength is also good, just part of the former. Used in hiking. Now a lot of adding Gore-Tex waterproof coating, can also be. Genuine leather quality is good, feel good, strong, but not stiff. If it is in front of the kind of skin, usually by oil processing, there is a hint of gloss, increase water, water can wipe the dirty things. Shoe wax general maintenance. Suede also has specialized shoe wax, China didn't see. 3) in addition to the bottom and the inner bottom shoe insole is usually used as foaming material, it is very flexible, if a comparison of genuine new balance and filled with fake brand, knew the insole, sole difference. A hard, a strong and flexible. Feel like a man hoe, a great guy like muscle. Buy outdoor shoes are mainly used to show, not wearing, so the most important intrinsic quality. 4) usually, the new shoes are in the manufacturer's Web site, can see, cheap foamposites sure there is this model. Almost all of the outdoor shoes are Chinese and production in Italy. A large amount of American brands are almost Chinese production. It is possible to flow out. But now than in the past, good. Guangdong a few imitation plant, things can only be ineffective, rough, far look, not nearly play, and put up a big difference. First look up the Internet to buy. And remember this usually flow out of the shoes, size is not full, a few pairs, if there are many, so most are false. Of course, not unexpectedly.0.jpg (160.93 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-2-7 19:27 upload 1.jpg (185.53 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-2-7 19:27 upload 2.jpg (292.61 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-2-7 19:27 upload 3.jpg (382.39 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-2-7 19:27 Vans Vault, upload the spring, Taka Hayashi, 2013[Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] at the time of impact by the stock too high, the mainland sports brands have a way to clean up the inventory of discount, brands Nike also could not stand the pressure of increased costs, it plans to partially shoes and clothes price increase of 5% to 10%, even an upcoming new sneakers estimated price of about 2,003 yuan more, so that consumers address him "too expensive." It is reported that Nike will launch this fall, by far the most expensive sports shoes 10th generation of LeBron basketball shoes, the estimated price of $ 315 (about 2003 yuan), while the retail price of its ninth generation of shoes for $ 250 around (about 1590 yuan). Nike's gross margin fell for Season 6 However, the courage to directly declare a price of perhaps only Nike. By the impact of high inventory mainland sports brands have a way to discounts to clear inventory. Reporters interviewed found at part circle, Li Ning, Anta, special steps such as sporting goods Discounts are basically more than five-fold, while Nike, Adidas only part of the seasonal goods only 20%, or two new 8-fold. Guangzhou Friendship (000,987) Related person in charge of the store, told reporters that the current temporary notice of any price increases did not receive Nike. With industry analysts said that with nearly two years of Nike raw jordan shoes online sale material and transportation costs continue to rise, putting pressure on their profit growth. The latest results, Nike ended May 31 fell to 42.8% gross profit margin from 44.3 percent, which was already down for the sixth consecutive quarter. As Nike's second-largest market in the Greater China market, sales also fell in the quarter, revenue, product sales revenue include footwear, clothing, accessories, including a $ 667 million, compared to the third quarter declined 3.89%. Morgan Stanley research report shows that in 2012 the fourth quarter, Nike's global future orders growth decelerated from 18% to 12%, especially in China, orders were up sharply reduced by 2% from 20%. But as a direct rival of Nike, Adidas, its 2012 second quarter results are very gratifying. Publicly available data show Adidas, Adidas Greater China sales of 732 million euros, an increase of 19%. Adidas forecast full-year net profit growth adjustment from the previous 12% to 17% to 15% to 17%. Consumers: 2000 yuan shoes too expensive Although Nike spokesman Mary Remuzzi media stressed that Nike is not in blindly prices; "We are always looking for ways to take advantage of new innovations and products to enhance performance to achieve product line." This time, however prices, consumer eventually buying account is debatable. Cheng early thirties, is a professional sports editor, but when he heard a pair of basketball shoes, the price of 2,000 yuan, the still address him "too expensive." "General price Starter Edition basketball shoe is about 700 to 800 yuan, I learned that the superstar level posted price of the most expensive version of basketball shoes about 1700 ~ 1800 yuan." Industry: Recent market conditions did not improve This year the retail market slowdown affected the sporting goods industry to clear inventory velocity. Pick, 361 degrees, Anta first half net profit fell 43.3 percent, respectively, 23% and 17%, only slightly up 0.3% special steps. Reporters found its semi-annual report, which have been in the sporting goods industry is expected this year might be thwarted, will have the fastest turnaround in the second half. In view of the profits under pressure, companies have to give more concessions to distribution channels. Xtep recently announced that the Group take into account the current intense competitive environme air jordan 11 space jam for sale nt, the need for a more flexible and attractive pricing strategy, to provide discounts to wholesale distributors, from 2012 suggested retail price of 60%, adjusted HKEx 62%. Peak CEO Xu Zhihua said that the recent market conditions did not improve, but on the long-term development of the industry is still optimistic, which is due to urbanization of rural China, Chinese people lifestyle changes result in more people to participate in sports activities and other fundamental factors It has not changed. Most sporting goods brands are actively clean up excess inventory, expected inventory adjustments throughout the industry still needs some time to complete. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News)Kobe wears Nike Kobe X Elite PE to take part in pre-season 2015-10-05 10:51:16 this morning may be the most exciting morning for Kobe fans all over the world, because Kobe once again stood on the court and maintained a good level of competition. Before the training, he wore a pair of pale gray Nike Kobe X Elite PE, and wore a pair of white versions during the match. Even if these shoes have been the world's sneaker black out, but when Kobe put on, the picture is still so beautiful. When you see Kobe go back to the stadium, and led a group of young people forward, many friends lamented the relentless time, but helpless. adidas Originals ZX Flux "Reflective Weave""; series releases 2014-09-23 14:16:36 adidas Originals this year, the main push shoes ZX Flux very popular, while Adidas Originals has introduced a new color, before once again launched a "Reflective Weave" in the latest series, shoes with reflective effect material by weaving technology has created a unique personality, for the shoes. The sale will be green, red and black three colors, it is reported that the series will be landing in September 27th part of the online store, love friends then you can look at. AIR JORDAN has now become a trend, a lot of people on the trapeze shoes have a special liking, you really understand his every generation of shoes? Xiaobian take you to revisit it. AJ generation of shoes Air Jordan 1 is Nike's first generation is Jordan series of basketball shoes, was born in 1985. The key technology of Air Jordan1 is the air cushion unit is built, the use of leather uppers made of hard rubber outsole. though this shoe technology now in simple cannot again simple, but it is of special significance it contains all Jordan shoes the most profound. It marks the beginning of a trapeze era, is also a brand myth of the birth of Jordan and Nike had signed 5 year $2 million 500 thousand contract to create the first occupation athlete sponsorship contract price. North Carolina blue One of the most hot is Air Jordan 1 Bred Air Jordan 1 Bred by the appearance of a stadium on the NBA David Stern president of the blacklist, the reason is: there is not enough white elements into the design. Even so, Nike is willing to every $5000 dollar fine pay, so this achievement is also being talked about Air Jordan 1 "Banned" forbidden to wear advertising theme. , however, Sole Collector is currently well-known media shoes questioned, said Air Jordan 1 "Banned" advertising is only a commercial speculation, by tracing the graphic stories of the year and compared the original ticket, really banned shoes for black and red color of the Nike Air Ship, a former AJ1 period over shoes. What is Nike to deceive, or true, it is no longer important, because no storm wear enough to make black and red color of Air Jordan 1 into the history of the greatest basketball shoes in the ranks. Air Jordan Bred Air Jordan Bred is also known as the cherry color fans September 3, 2016, Air Jordan 1 Bred again Air Jordan 1 as the highest number of engraved Jordan shoes, Bred classic color, naturally bear the brunt, repeatedly appeared in people's field of vision. Air Jordan Bred was first published in September 15, 1985 1. The following year launched named KO canvas version. 9 years later in 1994 ushered in the first engraved. Since 2001 re engraved, the domestic price of RMB 799 yuan. 〉 shoes market finally calmed down, almost no shoes price speculation to make people want to stay. Look at the next 13 double points a month's shoes, as long as you want to buy, basically do not grab. ... 1, Air Jordan 13 History Of Flight release date: July 22nd; issue price: 1399 RMB History Of Flight rare Saturday sale, but next month there are two AJ 13 black, ready to start again. 2, Nike Flight Bonafide big blue eyes release date: July 22nd; issue price: 1099 RMB based on Nike Zoom Flight 95 upgrade, retain the avant-garde style, the iconic "big eyes" and who is the biggest characteristic of socks shoes. 3, Tom Sachs x Nike Mars Yard 2.0 release date: July 27th; issue price: 169 has been pushed up to 8, 9000 Tom Sachs x Nike Mars Yard 2 in the end of the month, finally ushered in the formal sale, before art in general, there is no doubt that this month ranked the forefront of the boutique. 4, Nike Flyknit Trainer black and white release date: July 27th; issue price: 1099 RMB Flyknit Trainer in the first year of black and white color regression, before fry more than 4000, so this offer is very attractive. 5, Pharrell x adidas Tennis Hu release date: July 28th; issue price: $130 Tennis Hu brings the new color of 4 pairs of summer activities, there are fresh and retro, Philippines Dong personally tell you have feet, wear real effect. 6, "Thrasher x Vans" release date: July 29th; issue price: 99 - 169 . shoes when return to calm the market, Vans has a big movement, and Skateboard Magazine "Thrasher" joint, homage to the legendary rider John Cardiel, including the Sk8-Hi Pro series, Slip-On Pro and UltraRange Pro, both "Thrasher" flame Logo, and Vans signs of checkerboard. 7〉Jordan Brand has yet to do anything, but as the chief spokesperson for AJ's shoes on behalf of the alliance, Russell Westbrook first gives a little bit of information. Also did not disclose any Air Jordan 32 news, but Westbrook told fans through Snapchat, he is preparing with Jordan Brand shoe section of the release. Given the release time of Air Jordan 31 in September 2016, it appears that Air Jordan 32 is not far from the official appearance. app address:, a=goClick&, id=12640 welcome attention to micro signals: poisonappSpeaking of Air Jordan 11, for those senior shoe fan friends can be said to be known wurenbuxiao! The first pair of shoes from birth to now, is still very popular, of course, it also benefited from the Nike marketing and shoes fans feelings, complex nonstop has always been very popular. it is the senior amateur AJ, or AJ novice, can not refuse to believe Air Jordan 11 charm. The time was removed after so many years, the Air Jordan 11 color has been very much. There is a popular, popular. Today we will talk about the most hot couple of double Air Jordan 11 color. [AJ Low ] 11 big devil is the debut blockbuster, Air Jordan 11 exquisite details and fashion charm have been well known, but the story behind it is also a must for having heard it many times. In addition to high help shape, Air Jordan 11 low in appearance looks, is also very fresh, after reducing some constraints, more conducive to the daily leisure and collocation. Air Jordan 11 the main color is black, so give people the feeling is cool. Very texture of the leather, but also highlights the different temperament and handsome. This is Air Jordan 11 the most popular color. has the classic styling and help shape wear is also more flexible. Black leather uppers, the low-key and restrained and flamboyant personality. [AJ11] North Carolina blue has a blue blue card called the north, from the first appeared in April 14, 2001, then to 2017 again engraved, Air Jordan 11 North Carolina blue really this summer, many fans brought a refreshing feeling. under the white leather shoes collocation light blue patent leather material, white crystal with the bottom outsole, not only create a superior texture more full of vitality of the atmosphere. The fresh and pleasant feeling exciting, hot summer and how little a cool. [AJ11 GS] dunk in 2016 as the most heavy Air Jordan 11 Space Jam color color, jam is really eye-catching. The color of Space Jam color scheme based on the classic, although the details are improved, but it seems more. from 23 to 45, and from 45 to 23 return, this pair of shoes that relayed the story with their own experience. This double color first appeared in the 1995 playoff game against the Orlando magic. handsome black shoes with white, in the end, bring out the flavor is very effective. The upper on the blue Jumpman Logo injection, A〉 is one of the manyAgenda as a high street fashion culture of peace and prosperity, agenda each year will attract many enthusiasts street, street artists, and in the streets of major brand mastermind scene add to the fun overwhelmed we bring agenda in Long Beach, the 2014 Summer Exhibition on-site review beat street shoes. This time we focus on the feet of all the people on the streets. Flyknit's Chukka Jordan and Future Adidas, NIKE ZX Flux, Smith Stan, FBT and so on. To see the following these shoes, collocation, hoping to give us in this quarter a better collocation inspiration. /〉